I have several test suites. I have hard-coded json strings and objects literals in them that I use to create model instances and stores - mock data rather than depending on a live server during unit test time.

I tried one with a largish json string - around 252 KB. Trying it as one long string seems to break the editor completely. You can't go to the end of the string - it appears to get cut off. Trying it as a object literal worked in that I was able to create a model instance, but any code completion having to do with ST.* would no longer work in the editor. I received this message in the log file -

[Rollbar] Could not make request to rollbar, Error: unable to get local issuer certificate

I think I can work around the issue by moving the large test data sets to external libraries that get loaded rather than the test suites themselves, but it would be nice if the editor was more resilient. Ideally, it would also be great to have easier means of including mock test data and a more streamlined way to mock Ajax request / response.