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Thread: Formatting DualListField Entries

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    Default Formatting DualListField Entries

    I want to format some of the entries in the To list of a DualListField to display them in bold.

    This was pretty simple in GXT 2 as I used ListField.setDisplayField for the To list and the corresponding entry in the model was decorated with <b> tags.

    There doesn't seem to be an equivalent in GXT 4, and even I manually add the <b> tags it just displays them rather than formatting the entry bold. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to go down the whole Appearance route? Bearing in mind that I only need to display some of the entries in bold.

    I'm also struggling to find a handler for the selection event of the To list. My GXT 2 code had the following -

    to.addSelectionChangedListener(new SelectionChangedListener<SetEntry>()

    If anyone's got and ideas they'd be gratefully received.


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    Hello Andre,

    Thank you for contacting Sencha Support!

    I am going to reach out to the product architect for your query and keep you posted as soon as I hear from them.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Sencha Support.

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