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Thread: Event Recorder doesn't fit to browser window

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    Default Event Recorder doesn't fit to browser window

    I am new to Sencha Test and wanted to try out the event recorder in the Sencha Studio as a developer . Unfortunatly, everytime i start the event recorder in my test file, the red rectangle of the recorder is only filling 70% (estimated) of the Browser (Chrome) window. Due to that i am not able to record events outside of this window.
    How do i fix that?
    Please forgive my english, i am not a native speaker

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    We have this logged as a known issue when Sencha Test is run on Windows in some instances.

    Symptoms of this issue are the Event Recorder canvas overlay (indicated by the red border) is incorrectly sized to approximately 70-75% of the width and height of the browser window, and events are offset (e.g. clicking on a button/element will capture a different element being clicked). We've only heard a few reports of this, and unfortunately we don't have a fix at this time.

    Is what you're seeing the same as I've described above? If so, what exact version of Windows are you using, and do you have some kind of display scaling enabled in Windows, or are you using a retina/UHD display?
    Daniel Gallo
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    Hey Daniel,.
    yes, that describes the problem perfectly. I checked my configuration and it seemed that I used a scaling of 125% for my displays. After i changed it back to 100%; the canvas overlay fitted perfectly.
    Thank you very much!

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