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Thread: ext-gen with proxy

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    Default ext-gen with proxy


    I have been trying to execute ext-gen behind a proxy but I don't find any way to do it.

    I have a http/https/socks proxy and on npm I know that or via configuration or by using the --proxy you can tell the executable (NPM) to use a proxy for the connections. As always I prefer to use the --proxy than changing the configuration file on npm... but neither works when I try ext-gen command (whatever).

    Any ideas?


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    I have resolved in two different ways. One complicated and the other very simple.

    Complicated one:
    You can download the extgen from github and edit (depending of the version) the install.js script or the ext-gen.js (depends of the version). Inside it search for where they use npm and send to them the params and add your proxy configuration.

    Simple one:
    Be smart and know your proxy (better than I) and put on the npm settings the correct URL or if it's only http or https the correct setting

    Thanks to all!

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