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Thread: Retaining comments in debug version of package

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    Default Retaining comments in debug version of package

    How can I retain the code comments in the debug version of my package? I'm trying to use 'MyPackage-debug.js' as the input to JSDuck in order to generate HTML documentation (yes, I know JSDuck is no longer supported, but its really my only option).

    Currently I run 'sencha package build', and my 'MyPackage-debug.js' has all comments stripped out.

    I am using Sencha Cmd v6.7.0.67

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    Ok, so some digging revealed that Cmd 6.7 has a new compressor: Closure. However, according to this link:

    My only options are: 'whitespace', 'simple', and 'advanced'. The problem is...ALL of those options remove comments. I cannot find a way to disable compression. I've tried the following settings in my package.json:
    "compressor": false
    "compressor": "none"
    "compressor": {
        "type": "none"
    "compressor": {
        "type": "closure",
        "compression": false
    "compressor": {
        "type": "closure",
        "compression": "none"
    None seem to work. Any suggestions? Anyone? Bueller?

    Also, if there is a way, how can I do it for the -debug version only?

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    Default Any solution to this issue?

    I would like to also retain comments in testing builds - thanks.

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