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Thread: Render any compontent on grid, when value = null?

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    Default Render any compontent on grid, when value = null?

    I want to use a grid where my items have a background color

    For example if there is something on that column cell lets have a green background
    and in case that there is no value or lets say the value is string "0" i want to have a red background color

    something like this

    HTML Code:
    <Column text="Widget" dataIndex="teamVhclId" flex={1}   >
                        {dataIndex ?
                            <WidgetCell >
                                <Button style={{ "background-color": "#75db75", "display": "block", "padding": "4px" }} />
                            </WidgetCell> :
                            <WidgetCell >
                                <Button style={{ "background-color": "pink", "display": "block", "padding": "4px" }} />
    HTML Code:
    <Column text="Rerender" dataIndex="teamVhclId" flex={1}
                      renderer={(value, record) => (
                         <MyCustomCell value={value} record={record} /> //logic inside if(value){green}
                      )} />

    Problem with example A, is that i dont know some way to pass the value of dataIndex or something like that

    Problem with example B (and maybe A too), if there is no data coming from Column then there is no render, MyCustomCell will not be rendered on case of null

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    Thank you so much for your post. I apologize for the delay. I have shared this with the support staff and someone will get back to provide assistance as soon as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

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