Hello everybody,

I have an issue with a menu, not showing at the proper place for its first appearance.

the fiddle below shows what I'm using in my code:

This fiddle works fine. In my app I don't instantiate the menu each time, it is done in the mainPanel controller, then I get the reference back with:

var banneroptionmenu = mainPanel.lookupReference('banneroptionmenu');
My problem is when I click on the panel for the first time in my app, the menu opens but is not correctly aligned, as you can see on the figure below (1):


After that, it always opens correctly aligned (2).

I found where it comes from: in my app menu, I bind the menu items texts, like this:

{        bind:{text:'{text.news}'},
        checked: false,
        hidden: false,
        index: 1,
        handler: 'onTabItemClick'

And I set a
minWidth: 150,
for the menu.

So the first time, the menu adjust it's position to the minimum width, and then bind the items texts, some of them larger than 150px. The menu grows in consequence.

Do you see a solution where I could align correctly the menu, AFTER its values have been bound?