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Thread: Architect originating a DoS behavion on local intranet

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    Default Answered: Architect originating a DoS behavion on local intranet

    Hello ,

    A apparent DoS behavion on my local intranet seems to happen when i open up Sencha Achitect 4.2.2 (before I even open any project from the welcome to sencha architect dialog box).
    My user get locked when initial dialog box opens.
    I suspect proxy setting are some how provoking many failed requests trying to reach sencha.

    I try change disabling and setting system.http.proxy* at Sencha\Architect\Cmd\\sencha.cfg with no success. No other sencha.cfg has proxy settings.

    Using "netstat -a -o | find 8080" i can see SenchaArchitect still connecting for a proxy... is it possible (without local SO admin permissions) to disable Sencha Architect from trying to connect to network?

    Best regards,

  2. Quote Originally Posted by c54283 View Post
    and one of my colleagues does not have the problem (and two of us have exactly same problem, difference I have found was first was the support team credentials and we used our expiring credentials that we must change when prompted for license, tried reinstalling, but no credentials for license were promoted any more), so I deducted that system proxy should not make a difference. Does architect stores credentials on setup and uses them when connecting to the internet (sending stats)? Company security team does not provide me with details of the DoS attack, but my user only gets deactivated when I open sencha architect, so I am guessing some cycle of trying invalid credentials at a high rate that might compromise some company authentication system.
    There are several things leaving me stumped.

    How many have the issue in your company? How many users of Architect in your company?

    When you uninstalled did you remove the folder under your user account and other hidden files Windows tends to retain?

    I realize you could have limited ability to remove, but I would think you can get into your user profile directories where you can remove the Sencha Architect files. If they were gone you should be prompted to re-enter your credentials.

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