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    I am new to extjs6. I am trying to use sencha architect to build UI.
    Please help me to add buttons to Window. No config option is visible in list named 'buttons' in the tool.

    Please let me know how i can add a set of buttons as we normally do in Extjs3.4

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    Thank you so much for your post. I apologize for the delay. I have shared this with the support staff to look into at their earliest convenience. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again,


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    Look at the screenshot. In the upper right of the Architect window you will see a search field, type in "button" and you will see the list shown in the screenshot. Just drag the button component onto your window in the main center view as seen in the screenshot.

    The lower right is the properties available for the selected item in your main view area. Not shown is the left side which contains a list of all views, stores, models and resources.

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