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Thread: "Load Data" or bind grid to store failed with EXT JS Architect

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    Default "Load Data" or bind grid to store failed with EXT JS Architect

    I'm using the latest Ext JS Architect version: All I'm doing is to follow the "First Desktop Application" step-by-step without changing anything.

    I tried to set the url first to data/cars.json based on the Architect tutorial (First Desktop Application). On Step 7: Right-click "CarDataStore" ->"Load Data", I got the warning icon "Invalid configuration, click for details". I clicked to see the details as: "Please make sure that the URL you set for your proxy is either local, or similar to the URL you set in your projects settings. If you plan to use a different domain, please use a JsonP proxy."

    Then I change to set my url to http://localhost/Carlistings/data/cars.json and the same issue.

    Any info/tips will be appreciated.
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