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Thread: "Load Data" failed with Ext JS Architect

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    Default "Load Data" failed with Ext JS Architect


    I'm new with Ext JS. After installing all the needed software, I'm trying to use Architect to create my first desktop application (i.e. CarListings application) by following the Tutorials provided in Architect

    I was able to follow all the way thru step 5. However, at the step 6, it asked to set the url to point to the "data/car.json" and then right click CarDataStore to load data. It failed.

    The only think I could think of that might go wrong is the url setting. What I did was, I downloaded the data file from Git-Hub repository and placed the "data" folder, as per the instruction, in the same directory where the xds is located, i.e. C:\CarListings\data\cars.json. So I set the url of the "CarDataStore" to "data/car.json". However, when I right-clicked to load the data from JSON file, it failed.

    Attached please find the project (CarListings.xda), any tip or info will be greatly appreciated.
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    Can you provide the code (The .xda doesn't help us much and I prefer to not download those file types) you need help with?

    I am guessing at this point, but your problem could be url: 'data/car.json' as it does sound like the issue.

    Without more code the best I can suggest is try

    url: '/data/car.json'
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    Hi ghm,

    did you check your browser console? Running your code I get "ext-all-rtl-debug.js?_dc=1555526383437:10375 [E] You are using a ServerProxy but have not supplied it with a url."

    For some reason your CarDataStore proxy uses the bind property to supply the proxy url:

    bind: {
    supplying the url property directly works fine.
    You enabled data binding for the URL property in Architect
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    check the little icon in the middle.

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