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Thread: Simple ExtJS Layout Example App?

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    Default Simple ExtJS Layout Example App?

    I'm new to ExtJS and am struggling with how everything fits together, especially in regards to actual dom layout and just getting the thing to migrate from fiddle to an actual webpage.

    While the docs are good for experienced users, they don't help explain the context everything goes into (e.g. heres how to position something relative! but it won't tell you WHERE to put that code snippet). And tutorials usually explain something such as a page with a single component, or worse, the component in a frame with no support/includes etc....

    I just need to see an html page that shows how to include the basic ExtJS libraries, initiate ExtJS, and then add a couple basic components. I think if I can see this, I can get over the learning curve that has had me stumped for days. Nothing complex, I just need to see the big picture.

    So... Does anybody know any single-page concrete examples of how to build a simple app with multiple components?

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    The Quick Start (Modern) doesn't work for you why? Another "tutorial".

    Those will be somewhat limited in the information they provide. Is your starting point using Sencha CMD for ext-gen? Ext-Angular? Ext-React? I'm assuming you're using Ext JS, either the classic or modern toolkit.

    There isn't a "basic" HTML page to include the libraries.

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    Please refer to the below link which shows a tool called Sencha CMD using which you should be able to create sample apps.

    Sencha Support.

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