I need a very basic example of a single html webpage (not a snippet, not a frame) that shows how to layout two or more ExtJS components so I can grasp how everything works together.

I am an HTML5 guy who is very new to ExtJS. The online docs and tutorials I see on Sencha site and in Google seem to be geared towards people who already know ExtJS, or are outdated, or simply 404. the docs on Sencha contain useful snippets, but don't tell you what to actually DO with them (eg https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.1/...t-browser.html have great code showing relative and absolute positioning, but there's no indications of where to put the code in my fiddle for instance). I know about Fiddle and have been having fun tweaking the components, but i am missing the larger "context" picture.

What I really need to see is a simple working concrete index.html page with a "hello world" button attached to the upper right corner, and below it is a datagrid that fills the rest of the screen even if the user resizes it... I can figure the data parts out on my own, it's simply the act of seeing everything working in context on a simple html page that I need to see. I mean do I even use HTML, or is it all DOM manipulation with Javascript, or does ExtJS manage everything? I'm lost here!!!!

Thanks for any help, suggestions, or numbers to competent psychiatrists to help me cope with this.