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Thread: Cmd watch - sandbox extjs version and package - issues

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    Default Cmd watch - sandbox extjs version and package - issues

    Good evening,

    for a particular need, I generated an application with sencha and modified the file "app.json" to use a sandbox version of the library.

    Subsequently, I generated a package via the sencha generate package and added various files to the packages/local/MyPackage/src directory ... and finally added the require to my app.js file.

    However, when running sencha app watch, the files related to the package are not available (console error 400).

    However, it works well when I do not use the sandbox version of the library. Except that my need necessarily requires the use of the sandbox version.

    Someone would have an idea to explain this problem?

    thanks in advance

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    Thank you so much for your post. I apologize for the delay. I have shared this with the support staff to look into at their earliest convenience. Your patience is greatly appreciated! We do suggest using the support portal when you need assistance with a capability of a Sencha product, you have identified a situation where a products behavior is inconsistent with the product documentation and might indicate a software bug, or when the communication between you and Sencha needs to be private.

    Thanks again,


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