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Thread: Extjs Upgrade to 6.5.3

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    Default Extjs Upgrade to 6.5.3

    Currenty my application is running on Ext and Sencha cmd version is Now i need to upgrade my application to Extjs 6.5.3 due to some features are not available in older version. Kindly guide me to upgrade to 6.5.3. Do i need to upgarde cmd as well?.

    I tried and got like bellow

    C:\TFS\WDS-WebApp-B3\wds-web-ui\src\main\ExtJs>sencha app upgrade
    Sencha Cmd v6.5.2.15
    [INF] Upgrading to Ext JS 6.x
    [INF] Upgrading to sdk at C:\TFS\WDS-WebApp-B3\wds-web-ui\src\main\ExtJs\ext
    [INF] Application structure already at current cmd version

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi there-

    Thank you for reaching out. I have asked a member of support to get back with you to provide help. Your patience is very much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


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    You need not update cmd as CMD 6.5.2 is compatible with ExtJS 6.5.3 but it is highly advisable.
    'sencha upgrade' does update cmd.

    you can refer to the following guide


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