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Thread: Cmd v5.1.0.26 to v5.1.3.61 breaks my app

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    Question Cmd v5.1.0.26 to v5.1.3.61 breaks my app

    I have an older app in ExtJS 4.2.1. It was last compiled using Cmd v5.1.0.26 on 3/29/16. I'm being asked to possibly make some changes to the app. I attempted to compile the app with the latest v6 which did not work, then I tried the latest v5 ( and that did not work either. So I searched for the older v5.1.0.26 and it works (however, I did have to add skip.slice=1 to my sencha.cfg file because it would not compile in any version with the slicer).

    Now let me be more specific regarding these "failures" with new versions of Cmd. The compiler completes without errors, but the app does not load (blank screen) and there are no console errors or nginx errors. After a full day of trying many different things I finally discovered what the problem is. When I look at a diff of the produced app.js in both 5.1.0 and 5.1.3 there are only a few changes. In fact they contain the exact same lines of code with only the order changed in a few places. But one difference that I determined to be the failure is based on the location of this line of code:

    Ext.application({name:"myApp", extend:myApp.Application,autoCreateViewport:true});
    In 5.1.3 this is the last bit of code in app.js, and my app will not load. If I move this line of code up before
    as it is in 5.1.0 the app loads just fine.

    Can someone explain how this order is significant, and why my app won't load when it is at the end of file as happens in 5.1.3?

    Are there any necessary code changes to make to upgrade Cmd versions without upgrading ExtJS versions?

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    Hi there- I have shared this with the support staff and asked that someone get back with you. We certainly appreciate your patience!



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    Ok. thanks Michele.

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