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Thread: Sencha App Build Terminates After Attempting Cordova Build for Platforms “ios”

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    Default Sencha App Build Terminates After Attempting Cordova Build for Platforms “ios”

    • We are building an application on platform "ios" with sencha.

    • After executing command : sencha app build native on terminal, it terminates after attempting of cordova build for ios. So, anybody with solution is appreciable.
    • command used: sencha app build native

    • We are using versions -

    1. sencha :
    2. cordova : 6.5.0
    3. phonegap : 8.2.2

    Following code is displayed on terminal, but didn't build successful:

    [INF] [Cordova] Attempting Cordova Build for platforms "ios"

    [INF] [shellscript] Building for iPhone XS Max Simulator
    [INF] [shellscript] Building project: /Users/test/Desktop/UNHR_New 2/UNHR2/UNHR/UN Human Rights/UNHR/cordova/platforms/ios/HumanRights.xcworkspace
    [INF] [shellscript] Configuration: Debug
    [INF] [shellscript] Platform: emulator
    [INF] [shellscript] Build settings from command line:
    [INF] [shellscript] CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR = /Users/test/Desktop/UNHR_New 2/UNHR2/UNHR/UN Human Rights/UNHR/cordova/platforms/ios/build/emulator
    [INF] [shellscript] SDKROOT = iphonesimulator12.0
    [INF] [shellscript] SHARED_PRECOMPS_DIR = /Users/test/Desktop/UNHR_New 2/UNHR2/UNHR/UN Human Rights/UNHR/cordova/platforms/ios/build/sharedpch
    [INF] [shellscript]
    [INF] [shellscript] Build settings from configuration file '''/Users/test/Desktop/UNHR_New 2/UNHR2/UNHR/UN Human Rights/UNHR/cordova/platforms/ios/cordova/build-debug.xcconfig''':
    [INF] [shellscript] CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone Developer
    [INF] [shellscript] ENABLE_BITCODE = NO
    [INF] [shellscript] HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS = "$(TARGET_BUILD_DIR)/usr/local/lib/include" "$(OBJROOT)/UninstalledProducts/include" "$(OBJROOT)/UninstalledProducts/$(PLATFORM_NAME)/include" "$(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)"
    [INF] [shellscript] OTHER_LDFLAGS = -ObjC
    [INF] [shellscript] SWIFT_OBJC_BRIDGING_HEADER = $(PROJECT_DIR)/$(PROJECT_NAME)/Bridging-Header.h

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    Cordova 6.5 and using PhoneGap 8.2.2... Hmm... Was this a typo?

    Current version of Cordova is 8.x as would be expected considering PhoneGap is built on Cordova.

    What version of cordova-ios is in your config file? Current version of cordova-ios is 4.5.x though 5.x is close or has been just released as there are bug reports and issues there coming on the Git repository.

    You are aware as of March 19th the Apple App store is going to require apps be submitted with Xcode 10. This will require the latest Cordova installed and cordova-ios 5.0. Anything newer such as 4.5.x only supports up to Xcode 9.

    To help more the configuration you are using would need to be shared.
    Andy Allord
    Sencha MVP/Software Engineer

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