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Thread: TextArea clear() incorrect display

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    Default TextArea clear() incorrect display

    GXT 4.0.3
    What is the correct way to reset value in TextArea? For example, we have Form and Reset button that should erase all entered values. After clear() TextArea blank validation displays incorrectly in Chrome and IE Edge (tested only these browsers).

    Step 1. Create TextArea with allowBlank(false).
    Step 2. Enter anything in field.
    Step 3. Press Button with clear() function -> right border disappears and bottom border goes little down (like height becomes 1-2px larger).
    Step 4. Set cursor inside the field and remove cursor from field -> In IE there is a space between scroll and right border. In both no exclamation mark.

    After Step 4 entering/erasing text do not fix this incorrect display. reset(), setText(""/null), setValue(""/null) and combinations also not working.


    TextArea description = new TextArea();
    description.setPixelSize(400, 200);
    VBoxLayoutContainer vlc = new VBoxLayoutContainer();
    vlc.add(new FieldLabel(description, "Description"));
    FramedPanel panel = new FramedPanel();
    panel.setHeading("Forms Example — Simple");
    panel.add(vlc, new MarginData(15, 15, 0, 15));
    TextButton reset = new TextButton("Reset");
    reset.addSelectHandler(selectEvent -> {

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    Hi there- I apologize I do not know the answer to your questions. I have passed it along to the support team and asked that they reach out to you as soon as possible to provide some help. Your patience is greatly appreciated!



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