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Thread: Ajax call on Window close

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    Default Ajax call on Window close

    Hi Team
    I'm having a problem with Ajax request on Window close.
    My Scenario is, I'm trying to close and open the same window multiple times with an Ajax call and that to milliseconds gap I'm trying to close and reopen the same window.
    Whenever I stopped closing and reopening at that time, for the currently opened window I can see no.of calls(Which are previously closed window related calls I'm suspecting ).
    My question is, does the window close will destroy the ajax calls even though they are not completed ...?

    BTW, I'm using setTimeout inside the success call back to call ajax call.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay in response- I have passed this on to the support team and asked that they get back with you at their earliest convenience. We appreciate your patience!


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    The window will not abort ajax call if the call was initiated before window close. Since you are using setTimeout, maybe this call was initiated/registered in the browser memory and action performed on the set time period gap.

    It would be a great help if you can send us a fiddle demonstrating the issue. This will help us in identifying the actual issue.


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