I've installed the trial version of Sencha Architect 4.2 for evaluation and am going through the First Desktop Application tutorial, but have found issues with the following steps:

1. Double-click the title of your Panel and change it to Car Listing.

This doesn't seem to work. I have to go into the Ext.Panel config panel, find "title" and change it from there.

2. Change the frame config to true by checking the checkbox in the Config panel.

No such property shows up in the Config panel when I try to filter for it.

4. Remove the title bar from the grid by selecting the grid in the Canvas or Inspector and clicking the clear icon ("x") to the right of the title configuration in the Config panel.

The grid has no title bar, but it also seems from the screen cap in the tutorial that it's the panel title that should be removed because there's a preview of "My Panel" being removed from the Ext.panel.Panel config.

I realize these are rather small issues, but it's been somewhat frustrating trying to get the hang of a new tool while finding inconsistencies almost every step of the way while following a beginner's guide. Are there other available resources that are up to date and that others have found useful?