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    Default Tagfield tooltip

    Hello guys, Here I'm with a new post.
    I m using tag filed with Ext.QuickTips.My problem is, once I deselect all the items from the list still I can see that tip without any text. I tried to unregister but the problem I'm having with unregistering is, the second time I'm not getting any tip.

    Is there any way for unregistering the tooltip for tag field?

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    I usually prefer to just use the actual ToolTip class rather than use the QuicktipManager.

    Here is a solution that will unregister (in this case, set target to null) tooltip when user deselects down to 0 elements, and sets the target every time the user selects something.
    You really shouldn't need to set the target every time user makes a selection, just when once in the beginning when user starts selecting after selection was zero.
    But you can improve the performance yourself I guess.

    You will have to destroy the tooltip yourself, it will not be destroyed for you as far as I know.
    So remember to do that whenever you stop using it (so like when the combo box is destroyed for example).

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    Hello Laila,
    thanks for the reply, I updated your code with some changes.

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