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Thread: Using Ext.require with wildcard

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    Default Using Ext.require with wildcard

    According to the documentation, I should be able to use Ext.require() with a wildcard in order to load all of the classes from a specific folder:

    expressions : String/String[]
    The class, classes or wildcards to load.

    Either I don't understand what is meant by "wildcard" (which is entirely possible) or it just doesn't work.

    In the launch() function of Application this works:

    This does not work. Nothing is loaded:
    I completely understand the concept of loading only the classes I need and the Sencha Plugin does a great job of creating the appropriate requires[] arrays automatically. However, I have a specific need to preload classes that are not necessarily in a requires[] array in any of my application views or controllers. So rather than get into a discussion about why I am trying to do this, I simply would like to know if wildcards work or not. If it not then I'll figure out some other way to accomplish my design goal.

    I'm using Modern Toolkit 6.6.

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    The short answer is yes, they do work.

    The longer answer is, wildcards need some extra metadata to work. When you're using Cmd, it will generate a list of class names/file locations that allow wildcards to function. Without this, the client can't know what "foo.*" refers to, since it can't reasonably inspect the server for potential files to load in.

    So whether it can function depends on how you're building the app.

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    I'm building the app with Sencha Cmd. Is there a property in app.json that I can configure to allow wild cards for a specific directory? The "classpath" property perhaps?

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