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Thread: How to map index property to different attribute for tree panel

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    Default How to map index property to different attribute for tree panel

    I have implemented Gnt.panel.Gantt which is built on Ext.tree.Panel As per my understanding, the index field of Gantt is inherited from NodeInterface. But I already have an attribute in the REST API (called DisplaySequence) which is used to display the tasks in a particular sequence.
    How do I map the index attribute to the existing DisplaySequence attribute so that they remain in sync?
    I have tried the following in Task model:
                name: 'index',
                type: 'number',
                mapping: 'DisplaySequence',
                persist: true
    After making this change I have observed that on page load, index is still populated automatically as 1,2,3,etc. But on making any structural change, the index is changed correctly and synced to the DisplaySequence attribute as I can see the parameters in the POST:
                DisplaySequence: 5,
                TaskId: 300100169779590
    Now my only requirement is that on page load, index should be populated with the values of DisplaySequence. How do i achieve this?

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    Hi there- Unfortunately I do not have the answer for you but I have asked that a member of the support team reach out to you and provide some assistance. Thank you so much for your patience.


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