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Thread: Click events and gauge charts

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    Default Answered: Click events and gauge charts

    Is there some reason why click events do not work with gauge charts? Example here:

    I also cannot get tooltips to work either.

  2. Don't even hope Sencha (Idera) will ever fix this. Sorry to tell you. But that's simply a fact we are facing and not only with this bug.

    I reported this issue in August 2016 (along with various other chart issues - the charts are just really REALLY bad - choose some other charting library if you can or you will spend an eternity with overrides) but a ticket already existed from November 2014! I asked whether there had been some progress in June 2018, to which the answer was: no. What to say, right?

    If you are interested, the original ticket is: EXTJS-15866 (Tooltip not working in gauge)
    Current status: Open
    Last updated: 27 July 2018

    Good luck.

    EDIT (fyi):

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