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Thread: Export to excel custom formatters

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    Default Export to excel custom formatters

    I've been trying to format the values in a pivot grid when being exported with the plugin(i have premium). I tried setting the exportRenderer to true but it did not seem to use the designated formatter. I tried to use exportStyle.format with one of the preset options and it does work. When i try to use a function with the exportStyle.format, the excel file produces a pop up with the message that the file needs to be repaired. The excel file does not reflect any change to the cell formats, when trying to use a function, but does with a preset. As far as i can tell the exportRenderer true and exportStyle.format with a function are not working. I read the documentation and am not using the exportStyle at the same time as exportRenderer. Are there any known issues/bugs with this or specific limitation.

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    Hi there- Unfortunately I do not have the answer for you but I have asked that a team member from our support staff reach out to provide some insight. Thank you so much for your patience.


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    Request you to please share a fiddle replicating the issue you mentioned with exportStyle or exportrenderer.

    Sencha Support.

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    In Grid works as expected, in pivot does not.

    Functionality for exportrenderer is not implemente in

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