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Thread: Ext.Ajax.request [DELETE] method not works as my expect

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    Arrow Ext.Ajax.request [DELETE] method not works as my expect

    url: `/api/${url}`,
    method: 'DELETE',
    params: {
    ip: ipList,

    this is my code. and I expect it's working like


    but it works like

    Form Data

    They put params to the Form Data, not in query parameter.

    Is it bug or Am I using wrongly?

    Please help me.


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    You are not doing anything wrong. The params are appended to url only in case of GET requests. The request options are built in the Ext.Data.Connection class, and specifically in the setOptions method.
    If you look down near the end of the method you can see the following lines:
        // if the method is get or there is json/xml data append the params to the url 
        if ((method == 'GET' || data) && params) {
            url = Ext.urlAppend(url, params);
            params = null;
    Interestingly enough, also in this method, immediately after the previous excerpt of code, there is a possible answer to your problem:
        // allow params to be forced into the url
         if (urlParams) {
            url = Ext.urlAppend(url, urlParams);
    This is not documented, but it seems that if you can pass a `urlParams` config to your ajax request and it would force the params into the url:

            url: `/api/${url}`,
            method: 'DELETE',
            urlParams: {
                ip: ipList,
    Or you could also manually append the params to your url:
            url: Ext.urlAppend(
                Ext.Object.toQueryString({ ip: ipList, })
            method: 'DELETE'

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