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Thread: How to exclude the ExtJS library from bundle

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    Default How to exclude the ExtJS library from bundle


    When building a component with Ext-React, I want to exclude the ExtJS library from the bundle, as you can already exclude React from the bundle as described here

    The ExtJS library will be loaded manually with a script tag. I just want the ext-react/ext.js bundle to not include the ExtJS library !

    This is because I want to create multiple reusable components with Ext-React(with no bundled ExtJs library) and inject them into an existing old ExtJS app.

    Is this possible now ? Can you show me a way please ?


    P.S. Already tried to configure webpack with

    externals: { ext : "Ext" }

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    Hi there- Sorry for the trouble. I have shared this with the support team and asked that they look into this and reach out to you to provide some assistance. Your patience is appreciated.



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