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Thread: Multiple select on grid and deselect when click on row.

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    Default Multiple select on grid and deselect when click on row.

    Hello i trying to create grid that when i click on row its toggle him (or select or deselect) but its not working with mode "simple".

    I want to choose multiple rows and when i click again the row its deselect him.

    Now when i click the row and click outside the grid (and not immediately then i clicked the row) its deslect the row.

    what can i do?
    This is what i am tried:
    var packageGrid =Ext.create('js.grid.MyGrid',{
    selModel:{mode:'SIMPLE', ignoreRightMouseSelection:true,allowDeselect:true, preventFocus:true, toggleOnClick:true}
    but i read the mode "simple" and toggleOnClick not working together.
    what i can do ?

    tnx a lot

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    Hi, try again with this:
    var packageGrid =Ext.create('js.grid.MyGrid',{
    :{mode:'MULTI', ignoreRightMouseSelection:true,allowDeselect:true, preventFocus:true, toggleOnClick:true}

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