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Thread: Is ExtReact a safe bet?

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    Default Is ExtReact a safe bet?

    Hi you all, and have a good day
    As suggested on other thread im moving this here to reach some expert help

    I work with the IT department of our company (there we have our own development area) and we are looking for a solution on frontend.

    Some of my colleagues used Sencha some years ago and they had a good experience with it, but they do not develop on frontend anymore and now we have new tools like React, so we are looking for a good UI library to seep up our development (our projects need to be out as soon as possible) so I was sent to research about ExtReact. Actually I’m only one with a good experience in React and here comes the problem:

    From what I've tried with the codes, guides and community forum knowledge, I didn’t have a good experience.

    Maybe it's my own lack of knowledge but I've only been able to run a project with CLI and well I can understand if it does not work well on create-react-app because ExtReact really change the entire react scheme, but even their CLI didn´t work as expected (I used the CLI from the docs and as soon I compile it, it shows some errors)

    I did follow the Sencha Guide step by step (unless I’m missing something by accident)

    CLI: not working
    create-react-app: not working
    add to some react app: not working

    CLI: working
    create-react-app: not working
    add to some react app: not working

    I would like to give it a try but I if CLI does not work on last version okay that could be my fault, even so 3 days have passed on the ExtReact forum and no answer has been achieve (I’m not the only one with that problem btw)
    We are looking for a complete solution at least on UI library and a support we can count with.

    Is here someone with experience on ExtReact to say me that this is a good working product?
    Or we are truly going to have a good support once we go premium?

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    See an older thread called "Why use sencha and extjs?".

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