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Thread: open Ext.Window in parent page from iframe

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    Default open Ext.Window in parent page from iframe

    Ok absolute newbee question:
    I am trying to adapt the windows example for my purposes. I have a button in an iframe which triggers a new Ext.Window. So far this work, but the new window is then stuck inside the small iframe instead of showing up on the main page .
    After half day trying to get this to work I could need some input...

    I added a div with id 'thecontainer" to the main page:
    <div id='thecontainer' name='thecontainer' style = 'position:absolute;left:1;top:1;width:1;height:1;z-index:1;' > </div>
    in order to get the window to pop-up there and tried to refer to that div using this:
    function showWindow() {
    var thebody = parent.document.getElementById('thecontainer');

    var win = new Ext.Window(thebody,{
    title:"Ext Window Example",
    shadow: true,
    shadowOffset: 7,


    But I always get an "Element "thecontainer" doesn't exist." error . I have no idea why.
    How can I get the window to display outside my iframe on the main page? Is that possible at all?

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    An iframe is basically an independant page inside your page. So i am not surprised you have this problem. Do you really need an iframe?
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    Ext is expecting the el to be in the frame it's in.

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    it is said that you cannot access objects in different DOMs [ in your case iframe ] or from javascript which is outside of your Ext.onReady() function.

    Try this approach :
    var myWindow;

    function test() {;


    myWindow = new Ext.Window(.....);

    Let's see what happens:

    Load the html, declare the variable outside of Ext.onReady, than initialise it inside.

    Give time the browser to perform the onReady function and call the test() function [ with the setTimeout function ] => in 3 seconds your window is opened.

    Now if you call from another frame/iframe something like :

    self.parent.frames["..."].test(); or whatever is your frame/iframe hierarchy should open that window.

    So you define your window in the main page and call it from another frame

    I just tested the idea and seems to work, however a deeper analysis should be done to see what happens when destroying objects,etc....

    I would appreciate feedbacks/opinions/experiences on this topic


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