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Thread: GXT Metrics and tracking !!!

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    Default GXT Metrics and tracking !!!

    Today we have found in GXT 4.0.3 an hidden feature which is used to track all users and send statistics to sencha !!


    How can you explain this "feature" ?
    Why have you tried to hide it, and there is no way to disable it ?


    What do you do with these datas, is it compliant with GDPR ?

    We are king of pissed of with these changes, as GXT, is a paid product and we are loosing trust on you.
    The last update was awfull with a lot of bugs or behaviour changes and "hidden feature".

    We are still waiting for your next release (see your roadmap)...

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    Can you create a support ticket and I'll provide the switch to turn it off? The ticket won't cost any credits.

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