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Thread: Multi level grouping in Ext JS 6.x

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    Default Multi level grouping in Ext JS 6.x

    Grid Plugins is a product I've been working on lately which adds important features to the grid panel:
    • multi level grouping
    • grouping panel to easily drag-and-drop grid columns in the grouping area
    • summaries for groups and grand total
    • summaries can be calculated on the server side
    • end-user could change the summary function for grid columns

    If you want to read more about it please check:

    It works with all Ext JS 6.x versions.
    I leave a screenshot here too for your information.

    Hope you'll enjoy it!

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    Hello- I have shared this info with the support team and asked that they reach out to provide some assistance at their earliest convenience. Your patience is appreciated!


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