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Thread: Memory proxy, remoteSort and group will not work

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Memory proxy, remoteSort and group will not work


    in our application, we have the following constellation.
    - with a memory proxy
    - Memory proxy with paging (enablePaging=true), so we need remoteFilter and remoteSort

    Now we will add a grouper to the store. This leads us to the following result:
    Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-21 um 16.29.40.png

    Here's the corresponding fiddle:

    The problem is memory proxy ( with the following lines:
    PHP Code:
    // Remotely, grouper just mean top priority sorters
    if (grouper) {      
    // Must concat so as not to mutate passed sorters array which could be the items property of the sorters collection       
    sorters sorters sorters.concat(grouper) : sorters;

    If there is a grouper and no sorters, it returns the empty sorter and does nothing with the grouper.
    Also in the comment is "grouper just mean top priority sorters" but than concat the grouper to the sorters (

    My solution is the following code:
    PHP Code:
    if (grouper) {      
    // Convert to an array      
    grouper Ext.Array.from(grouper);  
    // Must concat so as not to mutate passed sorters array which could be the items property of the sorters collection      
    sorters sorters Ext.Array.insert(sorters0grouper) : grouper;



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    Hi Christian,

    Thank you for reporting this bug to us. I have passed this information along to the support staff and asked for them to look into this. Thank you for your patience.

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    Hello Christian,

    Please accept our apologies for the delayed response. This issue has been already reported with reference number
    EXTJS-16411. I will link the bug here for you to track the status.

    Sencha Support.

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