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Thread: PagingToolbar triggers two ajax requests if change listener executes store.load()

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default PagingToolbar triggers two ajax requests if change listener executes store.load()

    PagingToolbar has a change listener and contains a few lines of code to configure store proxy parameter's start with the updated start value.
    listeners: {
    change: function (pageToolBar, pageData) {
    var start =;
    var newStart = pageData.fromRecord - 1;
    if (newStart !== start) { = newStart;; // refresh store with newStart

    The problem with this is - when we click on the next button of page toolbar, it makes a request with the start value=0 and then fires a change event. Inside the change event, we have updated the value of start with the new start and making a store to reload- this triggers another request.
    So we have two requests in total and so not acceptable from performance and resource utilization point of view,

    The same thing is happening with grid sorting, if we add sortchange event and make some change before, ajax request, it triggers one request with the same configuration and then again triggers request from the sortchange event after changing required parameters.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have shared this with the support team to look into further.


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    Thank You, Michele, I am waiting for the reply from the support team.

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    I have created a fiddle to demonstrate this, please check the below fiddle and this will help you in fixing this issue.

    Sencha Support.

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    I'm interested in this bug, but which version of Ext JS are you talking about? And how this fiddle should demostrate this?


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