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Thread: Architect 4.2 Trial - Tutorial issue

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    Default Architect 4.2 Trial - Tutorial issue


    I installed the Architect trial and am trying to evaluate its usefulness. I am attempting to walk through the tutorial
    I immediately run into trouble when of the first five configs the tutorial says to modify

    • tabBarHeaderPosition to 1
    • titleRotation to 0 (Click the edit button, type 0 into the resulting object, and click the checkbox to complete)
    • tabRotation to 0
    • Clear the height and width by clicking the "x" next to the config
    • Change header to an object [see image below]

    only the height is available??

    Does this mean that the tutorial is wrong? The components have changed dramatically? my install is completely corrupt?
    Thanks in advance for any pointers as I was quite hopeful for this product to help me out.

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    Hi there- I have shared this issue with the support team and asked that they reach out to you to provide some assistance. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


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    I'm having the same issue.

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    I'm having some issues with tabpanel not showing configs (intermittently - sometimes restart fixes, other times not) also in SA 4.2... seems metadata may have some issues, also pushing into theme generation (could be related)

    [WRN] Reference to undeclared variable $tabbar-background-color => {hiddenpath}/packages/local/theme-triton-f720a293-8515-4b3d-b6f6-949b1b4edd0d/sass/src/Component.scss:47
    [WRN] Reference to undeclared variable $tabbar-background-color =>{hiddenpath}/packages/local/theme-triton-f720a293-8515-4b3d-b6f6-949b1b4edd0d/sass/src/_architect_src.scss:47
    [WRN] Sass compilation encountered 2 warning(s)
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