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Thread: CMD generates broken apps

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    Default CMD generates broken apps

    Hi, I've recently tried to scaffold a new app and have encountered numerous issues.

    Firstly, Cmd used to scaffold out an app directory with a main view, model, store, viewModel, viewController etc. Now it doesn't even scaffold an app directory.
    EDIT: Okay, seems that I'm best to use `sencha generate app` instead of the instructions provided on the Getting Started page.

    I tried creating a new app via `sencha app init [email protected] --modern MyApp` and this works fine (still no app folder though, just a messagebox app). However, when i run this in the browser, I see console errors related to Fashion etc.

    If I scaffold via `sencha app init [email protected] --classic MyApp` the generated app doesn't even run correctly in the browser (crashes as it can't find the messagebox class).

    Even scaffolding using the open-tooling generates a broken app - follow the docs, then shrink your browser down to phone size and reload - you'll see that it cannot find `phone.json`.

    Please advise.

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    Thank you for your question. I have shared this post with the support staff and asked them to look into this at their earliest convenience. Thank you for your patience!


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