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Thread: Timeout waiting for animations to be complete

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    Default Timeout waiting for animations to be complete

    WebDriver scenario

    I'm relying on a toast message being hidden before proceeding to the next step in my test case. My test continues to fail with the following error:
    Timeout waiting for animations to be complete for ST.future.Component with target toast

    I've added explicit timeout values with no luck

    //Allow 10 second timeout for actions to complete    beforeAll(function() {
            ST.options.timeout = 10000;

    The toast message I'm inspecting and waiting for it to be hidden

     .textLike(/The user was saved successfully/)

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    It seems that this one is a little more difficult to test, as the Toast gets destroyed when it's finished with, so the element no longer exists on the page. It is unable to validate whether the Toast is hidden as it's destroyed and then there is a stale element reference. There is a ".destroyed()" Sencha Test API, but we have an open issue for that at the moment when used within WebDriver scenarios.

    For now, if you need to halt tests until the Toast disappears, I would suggest waiting the time it takes for the toast to be removed, which by default on Classic is 3.0 seconds, plus the 0.5 seconds ease-in, and 0.5 seconds ease-out animations, so a total of 4 seconds:

        .textLike(/The user was saved successfully/)
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