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Thread: Bug (or a Feature?): Lack of tree grid and column components in CE

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    Default Bug (or a Feature?): Lack of tree grid and column components in CE

    Hi guys,

    as long as there is not a word about grid/tree modern component limitations in the feature matrix comparison (nor in documentation), I guess that it's a bug.
    Ext.grid.Tree and Ext.grid.column.Tree are missing from ExtJS 6.6.0-CE.
    sencha_matrix.png sencha_docs.png

    In the end it does not seem to be a fancy component (like pivot grid). Don't see much reason here for Sencha to make life harder for the fresh community from the beginning.

    Best regards,

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    Hi there, I am not sure what the issue is but I have shared this with the support team and asked that they look into this and get back with you. I appreciate your patience.


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