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Thread: Building Extjs APP for Minificatoin

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    Default Building Extjs APP for Minificatoin

    Hi ,

    I have project structure where small-small module is like an extjs app, under parent App , none of these module app have extjs lib folder. The extjs folder is present in the parent directory parallel to module apps.
    Each module app is a maven project and also the extjs folder is also a maven project. We have some custom files in extjs folder for our business requirements.

    When user logins into the application the are menu items and when user clicks a menu item, the corresponding app will loaded in a iframe under a tab.Each menu is individual app, this app is render in center panel emdeded with iframe.

    Now we need to minfiy the files . May I know how to do this. I am attaching the Parent directory and child module screenshots. PFA.

    Folder tree structure.

    |->Parent Directory
    |->(extjs) folder
    | [same structure as app1]
    | [same structure as app1]
    | [same structure as app1]
    | [same structure as app1]
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    Thank you for reaching out for assistance. I have sent this request over to the support team. They will look into this and get back with you at their earliest convenience!



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    Hi Michele,

    May I know if any solution found for this?


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    Hello Harsha,

    * List of all JavaScript assets in the right execution order.
    * Each item is an object with the following format:
    * {
    * // Path to file. If the file is local this must be a relative path from
    * // this app.json file.
    * //
    * "path": "path/to/script.js", // REQUIRED
    * // Set to true on one file to indicate that it should become the container
    * // for the concatenated classes.
    * //
    * "bundle": false, // OPTIONAL
    * // Set to true to include this file in the concatenated classes.
    * //
    * "includeInBundle": false, // OPTIONAL
    * // Specify as true if this file is remote and should not be copied into the
    * // build folder. Defaults to false for a local file which will be copied.
    * //
    * "remote": false, // OPTIONAL
    * // If not specified, this file will only be loaded once, and cached inside
    * // localStorage until this value is changed. You can specify:
    * //
    * // - "delta" to enable over-the-air delta update for this file
    * // - "full" means full update will be made when this file changes
    * //
    * "update": "", // OPTIONAL
    * // A value of true indicates that is a development mode only dependency.
    * // These files will not be copied into the build directory or referenced
    * // in the generate app.json manifest for the micro loader.
    * //
    * "bootstrap": false // OPTIONAL
    * }
    "js": [{
    "path": "${framework.dir}/build/ext-modern-all-debug.js"
    "path": "app.js",
    "bundle": true
    }, {
    // This can be the way to include the folder in the minification
    "path": "path of the folder",
    "bundle": false,
    "includeInBundle": true

    Also, please refer to the below link.

    Sencha Support.

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