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Thread: checkbox in form

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    Default checkbox in form


    Strange error. have in from panel checkboxfield

    				xtype: 'checkboxfield', 
    				name: 'allowsend',
    				checked: true,
    				fieldLabel: 'blablabla'
    make window with form

        var myWin = new Ext.Window({        id     : 'myWin',
    		title: '123',
            //height : 400,
            width  : 400,
    		autoDestroy: true,
            items  : [formPanel]
    i have an error

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'component' of null

    what's wrong?????

    If i remove definition of field - all good

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    Could you provide fiddle for this at
    All Best
    Željko Mitrović

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    it was because in form viewModel was set. and no model class in prog.
    why Extjs not warn correctly?
    eg: class MyViewModel not found?

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