Announcing Sencha ExtReact 6.6.2 with support for React 16.5.2. Changes include following:

  • Simplified default build output
  • added 'verbose' parameter ext-webpack-plugin option
  • refactored ext-webpack-plugin for reuse with ExtAngular and Open Tooling
  • added 'framework' parameter ext-webpack-plugin option
  • eliminated need for 'copy-webpack-plugin'
  • added more robust checking for valid ext-webpack-plugin parameters
  • addressed issue for 'renderwhenready' for classic toolkit
  • added defaults for profile, environment and verbose to package.json
  • utilize 'env.' variables in package.json
  • fixed issue with compress of bundles for production builds
  • added 'emit' parameter ext-webpack option
  • added 'browser' parameter ext-webpack option

Give it a try and send us your feedback. We're looking forward to seeing the awesome web applications you create with ExtReact.