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Thread: Issue: No Ext JS component with xtype "column" found

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    Default Issue: No Ext JS component with xtype "column" found


    we have just started using ExtReact and are having an issue regarding using ExtReact components.
    We've tried to use the Kitchen Sink example for a grouped grid (, but we get the following exception:

    JavaScript runtime error: No Ext JS component with xtype "column" found. Perhaps you're missing a package?
    I mention that I used the guide from, in order to install the needed packages/modules.
    Everything is build successfully with npm start and npm run build commands.

    Can you please help us with this, what could be the issue or should we install something else?
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am sending this to the support team and they will reach out to you shortly. Thank you so much for your patience!

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    Seems like issue with node_modules. Are you importing Column from @extjs/ext-react. If yes, check your application's node_modules/@extjs/ext-react-toolkit. This is the package
    where all extjs source code is for ExtReact 6.5. You might be facing issue in other components as well and not just column. I suggest to delete node_modules , delete npm cache and then do npm install again on application
    There are similar threads and installing node modules again helped there. Please check -
    If you still face issue, please share your code in such a way that issue can be reproduced.


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