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Thread: Store (model) doesn't load associated data when loading?

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    Default Store (model) doesn't load associated data when loading?

    Well I must be understanding something wrong, but the store I currently build does not seem to load associated data at all, in either way the "main" model is the "event", an event belongs to an organization, and it has several "sections". The sections are loaded as nested data when calling the events, while the events itself are loaded separately from the organization store.

    The models:

    Ext.define('AllSports.model.Event', {    extend: 'AllSports.model.Base',
        identifier: 'sequential',
        fields: [{
            name: 'id'
        }, {
            name: 'name'
        }, {
            name: 'organization',
            reference: {
                type: 'AllSports.model.Organization',
                association: 'EventOrganization',
                role: 'organization',
                getterName: 'getOrganization',
                setterName: 'setOrganization',
                inverse: 'users',
    Ext.define('AllSports.model.Section', {
        extend: 'AllSports.model.Base',
        fields: [{
            name: 'id',
        }, {
            name: 'name'
        }, {
            name: 'event',
            reference: {
                type: 'AllSports.model.Event',
                association: 'SectionEvent',
                role: 'event',
                getterName: 'getEvent',
                setterName: 'setEvent',
                inverse: 'sections',
    The store for the events is also quite simple:

    Ext.define('', {
        extend: '',
        storeId: 'Events',
        alias: '',
        autoLoad: true,
        model: 'AllSports.model.Event',
        data: {
            items: [{
                "sections": [{
                    "id": 1,
                    "name": "A",
                    "event": 1
                    "id": 2,
                    "name": "abcdef",
                    "event": 1
                    "id": 3,
                    "name": "abcdefghi",
                    "event": 1
                    "id": 4,
                    "name": "abcdefghi1",
                    "event": 1
                "id": 1,
                "name": "event",
                "organization": 10
                "sections": [],
                "id": 8,
                "name": "future_event2",
                "organization": 10
        proxy: {
            type: 'memory',
            reader: {
                type: 'json',
                rootProperty: 'items'

    now if I use this code in some object (say mainController), and add an event to test the loaded data, I notice things aren't loaded quite correctly.

    const org_store = Ext.getStore('FilteredOrganizations');
    const event_store = Ext.getStore('Events');
    if (event_store.isLoaded()) {
    	const ev = event_store.findRecord('name', 'org');
    	//const v2 = ev.getOrganization();
    	//const v3 = ev.getSections();
    	const org = org_store.findRecord('id', 10);
    Uncommenting either of the two commented lines gives an error, and verification shows that both getOrganization as well as getSections are undefined. So what is happening, why is the store not loaded correctly?

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    Hi there- thank you for your question. I will forward this over to the support team to look into. They will reach out at their earliest convenience. Thank you so much for your patience.


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