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Thread: me.getModal is not a function on Treelist in Micro Mode

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default me.getModal is not a function on Treelist in Micro Mode

    I am using Architect with ExtJS 6.6.0.

    I have a treelist menu that I put into micro mode: treelist.setMicro(true)

    When it's in micro mode and a user hovers over an icon and clicks the expanded menu item, this error is thrown:
    HTML Code:
    ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:34983 Uncaught TypeError: me.getModal is not a function
        at constructor.syncAlwaysOnTop (ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:34983)
        at constructor.toFront (ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:34223)
        at constructor.doHandleDocumentMouseDown (ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:18810)
        at Object._invoker [as invoke] (ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:18476) 
        at exec (ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:18496)
        at Object.elevate (ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:2054)
        at timerFn (ext-modern-all-debug.js?_dc=1536693246132:5288)
    I have attempted setting modal: false in the treelist nodes, and while that adds _modal to the treelist item, it is still missing setModal() and getModal().

    The menu still works fine other than throwing this error.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am sending it over to our support team to look into.

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    Any update on this?

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    Any update or fix? I'm seeing this in 6.7 as well.

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    We reported this in Sept. 2018 and got it marked as bug EXTJS-27536 (which now shows closed and fixed in version 7.0).

    Instead of waiting for this version I created an override on Ext.list.TreeItem to verify that me.getModal is defined before using it.

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