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Thread: Modern 6.2: Prevent Keyboard popup on text input (picker field)?

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    Default Modern 6.2: Prevent Keyboard popup on text input (picker field)?

    Hi there,

    I'm having some trouble keeping my keyboard disabled on mobile.
    I have a timepicker, which is getting called by an inputfield

    <input class="x-input-el" type="text" id="ext-element-462" tabindex="-1">
    However, when clicking on it, the keyboard pops up, which is obvious.
    First i tried to just blur the field immediatly after clicking on it, which will still have the keyboard popup visible for 0.5-1second ~.

    After some research i found out, i can put readonly on the field, which prevents the keyboard but still allows tap-events.
    But: On iOS there is still a small white popup on the bottom of the screen which has 2 arrows and a blue "DONE" text....

    Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-06 um 11.37.23.png

    How can i prevent that aswell? Is it even possible or do i have to re-build everything and make them buttons or whatever?


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    Hello- we are working to get an answer for you. Thank you for your patience!

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