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Thread: How to pass regex expression to ST.future.Grid.rowWith() method?

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    Default How to pass regex expression to ST.future.Grid.rowWith() method?

    I've got a grid that has a column by the name "NAME" and one row that says "Facebook." Doing rowWith("Facebook") works, but I want to use regex for various reasons. Nothing I've tried has worked, including passing /Facebook/, new RegExp("Facebook"), /\S/, etc.

    I assume I'm passing the regular expression incorrectly, but I'm not sure what the correct way to do so would be.

    This is basically what my code looks like now:

    grid.rowWith(columnName, /\S/).cellAt(0).click();

    Thanks in advance!

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    Regular expressions are supposed to be supported, but this looks like a bug. I'll get something logged.
    Daniel Gallo

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