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Thread: Use a custom component in cell editing

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    Default Use a custom component in cell editing

    Hi, i've a custom fieldcontainer that includes inside of him a textfield and a combo.
    In a grid with cellediting plugged in, on a specific column i need to present this custom field as editing input, so

    HTML Code:
     columns: [
            header: "Column1", 
            editor: {
                 xtype: "myComp"

    All works fine, but i'm unable to use special keys as ESC or TAB.
    Example: In a grid contained in a window, if i press ESC while editing with my component the windows closes, while with a native "combobox" or a "textfield" it just cancel the editing.
    I want make it work as a normal combobox. How i can resolve the issue?

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    Hi there- I have sent your question over to a team member that should be able to help. Thank you for your patience!

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