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    Default Multi-language app

    We use Extjs for our webui and I would like to generate as much "concatenated app.js" as I have languages (EN, FR, etc) to manage.

    At first, I wrote a (nodejs) program that takes all my app source code hierarchy and, depending on a given language, generates a new app source code hierarchy with all translations injected in. It works perfectly.

    For instance, if my source code hierarchy is webui/app, this program will generate webui/build/temp/production/app-fr, webui/build/temp/production/app-en, etc.

    Now, I need to package all those translated hierarchies through the "sencha app build" pipeline, just like the ant/build/app/js-impl.xml do with the default webui/app in order to build webui/build/production/Webui/app-fr.js, webui/build/production/Webui/app-en.js, etc.

    I'm afraid it's impossible to do by just using the js-impl.xml file from the outside (typically from app/webui/build.xml), and I think I'll have to rewrite my "own" js-impl.xml to take in account all my target languages, but I'm afraid to put me in a situation where I'll have to manage compatibility issues with the future versions of sencha cmd.

    Has anyone any idea to do this with the least impact on the sencha cmd infrastructure?

    To be clear, if it seems perfectly OK to develop my own multi-languages concat strategy with ant and not using js-impl.xml, I could go with that, but I need to be reassured by some sencha gurus ^^

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    HI there- I have passed this info on to some team members that can help. They should be getting back with you very soon. I appreciate your patience!

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