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Thread: Pass a parameter to a store's read method while using autoLoad

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    Default Pass a parameter to a store's read method while using autoLoad

    I'm a novice with extjs. I have a ViewModel which autoLoads a store. However, I need to pass a parameter to my Read method in the store's api. How would I go about doing that in the below scenario? I tried to put paramOrder on the proxy but that didn't work.

    Ext.define('Rsvp.Web.grid.DelegateViewModel', {
        extend: '',
        alias: 'viewmodel.delegate',
        stores: {
            delegateStore: {
                type: 'delegateList',
                autoLoad: true,
    Ext.define('', {    extend: '',
        storeId: 'delegates',
        requires: [
        model: 'Rsvp.Web.model.Delegate',
        alias: 'store.delegateList',
        proxy: {
            api: {
                read: 'Direct.SessionOrganizer.GetDelegatesBySession',
                create: 'Direct.SessionOrganizer.InsertDelegate',
                destroy: 'Direct.SessionOrganizer.RemoveDelegate'
            writer: {
                writeAllFields: true,
                encode: false

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