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Thread: Load json variables in scss with fashion

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    Default Load json variables in scss with fashion


    I want to load json variables in the scss. I don't see build in functionality so I thought it would be fairly easy to build an extension since it uses js.

    I started with the js:

    exports.init = function(runtime) {	runtime.register({
    		getVars: function () {
    			var vars = require('path/to/vars.json');
    			return vars;

    What I did in scss was:

    @import "vars.js";
    $vars: getVars()
    $base-color: map-get($vars, 'tertiary-bg');

    my json:

    {	"primary-bg": "#FF0000",
    	"secondary-bg": "#00FF00",
    	"tertiary-bg": "lighten(#FF00FF, 60%)"

    What I get is:

     Fashion Error : Reference to undeclared variable : $vars :
    Anyone suggestions? How can I get a map out of it or just the plain variables would also be fine.. Or am I looking at it the wrong way? All help is welcome!

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    Hi there- I have sent your question over to a team member that can help. They should be getting back with you soon. We appreciate your patience!

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